HTC Holiday basking under Telstras Australian sunTelstra’s foray into the 4G smartphone world will be marked by an appearance by the rather monstrous HTC device known as the HTC Holiday. So far, Telstra did not reveal any further information concerning the HTC Holiday’s release date, apart from the fact that it will hit the decks accompanied by a 4G-capable tablet sometime in the first half of 2012, but considering the amount of fingerprints you see on the HTC Holiday above, it has been very much loved.

It seems that Telstra’s 4G network is up and running just fine, where another image of the HTC Holiday saw it push 20Mbps download speeds even when there are seven other video-on-demand streams running simultaneously. Granted, network performance varies at times as well as having it depend on the number of users and what you’re downloading/streaming at that time, but 20Mbps is more than decent enough for mobile users despite being only half of what you could expect theoretically.

Anyone looking forward to the HTC Holiday if it is ever going to make its way from Down Under?

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