HTC Vigor/DROID Incredible HD
An interesting looking document claimed to be the spec sheet for the upcoming HD display phone, the HTC Vigor, has surfaced recently giving us some interesting details about the phone. While there’s no way to verify if it’s real or fake, it does give us something to ponder upon. According to the document, the HTC Vigor will be rebranded as the DROID Incredible HD and released on October 13th by Verizon.


Everything about the document seems pretty legitimate except for the glaring error about the phone’s resolution. It first lists it as a “4.3” WVGA display optimized for HD content” but right under it, is the line “HD resolution of 1280×720 – The most powerful ever on a smartphone”. Now, to people who aren’t too familiar with image sizes and display resolutions, they might not catch the contradiction between those two statements. A WVGA display means that it has a resolution of 800 x 480 – which definitely isn’t the HD display resolution of 1280 x 720.

Could this be a careless mistake by a Verizon employee or is it a case of the person who faking the document not knowing what he/she was talking about? Other than that discrepancy, the rest of it seems alright: 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 4G LTE, Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, 8-megaxpixel rear camera with a dual-LED flash and 1080p HD video recording capabilities, a 2-megapixel front facing camera with a notification LED flash (questionable front facing flash, but then again there’s always a first time for everything), 16GB of onboard memory and a microSD card slot with a 32GB class 10 microSD card preloaded (how much is this phone going to cost??), Beats by Dre, mobile hotspot for up to 10 devices and a 1620mAh battery.

Too good to be true? Possibly. But if it is true, Verizon will have one heck of a machine in its hands. What do you think?

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