Hulu on FacebookIsn’t it interesting that our lives seem to get more and more interconnected these days thanks to social networking tools, and yet when we sit at the dinner table with our family, real conversation rarely happens? Mom and dad will be the only two people talking to one another and attempting to make conversation with the rest of the family, while Timmy is busy texting his mates, and Jane puts up a Wall post on her Facebook account on how lame this “family dinner” thing is.

Well, social networking is here to stay, so those who miss the bandwagon might want to consider jumping aboard the next one – especially when Hulu is now available on Facebook. The Hulu Facebook app which was launched at the f8 developer conference yesterday will allow you to make TV and movie watching from Hulu an even more social experience, where you can enjoy your Hulu videos without having to leave Facebook – and doing so also allows you to share the video you’re watching with all your other mates if you so desire.

Seems as though Facebook is ending up as a portal pretty soon instead of being a standard social network – a very, very connected and interactive portal, I might add. This still does not solve the silence at the dinner table though…

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