Just yesterday we reported that according to 9to5 Mac’s tipster, Mr. X, refreshed iPods and iPhones appeared in Apple’s inventory system, however what was missing at that time was a certain “N94” model, which based on the iOS SDK was meant to be Apple’s next-generation iPhone – the iPhone 4S/iPhone 5. We mentioned that it could be missing due to the inventory not being complete yet, and as it turns out we were right.

The “N94” model has just been spotted in Apple’s inventory, thanks to Mr. X who tipped off 9to5 Mac. According to the SDK, this is the device that is expected to run on the dual-core A5 processor, and will most likely be sporting an 8MP camera along with 1GB of RAM, Nuance Dictation speech-to-text and the Assistant feature.

Interestingly the model number that showed up in Apple’s inventory matched a purported leaked of a iPhone 4S packaging label. While many may have dismissed that label as being a fake, it’s starting to look more real now! What this means is that the N90A could very well be referring to an 8GB iPhone 4 model, which may end up being Apple’s “budget” iPhone, with the iPhone 4S supposedly being the next-generation model.

However as interesting as all this is, let’s not forget that in less than a week all will be revealed, so anything’s possible at the moment!

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960x640 IPS LCD
330 PPI
~$135 - Amazon
8 MP
140 g
1432 mAh
No Wireless Charg.
Launched in
A5 + None
Storage (GB)
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