iPhone 5 case points toward thinner, larger handset?The invasion of iPhone 5 cases is imminent – and it goes without saying that manufacturers won’t blindly enter production of thousands of such cases before confirming the actual availability of the device, never mind if companies decide to play hush-hush. It seems that Case Mate’s rather questionable iPhone 5 case that emerged last week has company now, where the case you’ll look at today further reinforces rumors of the iPhone 5.

It will come with a much larger display compared to the iPhone 4, not to mention featuring a thinner, tapered design. Featuring a hard shell design, what you see above was taken from an “undisclosed source” by a GDGT user who put up the images alongside measurements for the device.

These measurements do not seem to make sense though, as the iPhone 4 is capable of being crammed into the case (rather comfortably, I might add) – and the measurements provided would not be able to do so. No idea on whether this case is the real deal or not still, but hope springs eternal.

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