Lost iPhone 5 didnt happen [SF Weekly]You know what they say – fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me – well, the story that made rounds on the Internet concerning a lost iPhone 5 prototype at a bar (which is very much the same as the iPhone 4) could very well prove to be wrong – at least according to CNET who reported that the San Francisco police already worked alongside Apple to investigate the apparent loss of an iPhone prototype.

CNET mentioned that police investigators managed to trace the “missing” handset to the house of a man in Bernal Heights, where he vehemently denied that he knew anything about the missing phone. SF Weekly’s Peter Jamison even called the police in order to follow up on the story, and the cops said that they did not have any record concerning such an investigation.

Since the police have not heard about the investigation, we are curious to know just what kind of sources CNET has to make them break such a story. What do you think?

Update: it looks like there’s a good explanation for why the SF police doesn’t know a thing. Now reporters are uncovering details that imply that Apple’s investigators may have impersonated Police officers.

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