When you come across YouTube videos, we’re sure that there are some amateur made ones that look incredibly professional, and you probably wonder how on earth did they do that? So you whip out Windows Movie Maker or iMovie in an attempt to recreate something similar, but there’s just something missing and you can’t put your finger on it. Well fret no more as Magisto has just debuted their video editing service and are launching the tool in public beta today!

If you’re wondering what Magisto is, it’s basically a cloud-based video editing service which basically takes your unedited footage and turns them into short movies that are supposedly more exciting. No, there aren’t people sitting in server rooms waiting to edit your videos for you, instead it uses a proprietary piece of technology to analyze your footage. It uses facial recognition for starters, and is apparently intelligent enough to sort out the difference between pets and people.

It will also be able to differentiate backgrounds, objects, behaviors and landscapes, and is said to be able to recognize the “intent” of the video through the sounds and images within the video file. Sounds pretty amazing but we’ve yet to put it to the test. If you’re interested in seeing if Magisto can turn your indie movie into something worthy of making it to the Sundance Film Festival, head on down to Magisto’s website for more information.

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