Theres a Steven Spielberg inside every one of usThe mind is a powerful thing, and contrary to popular belief – you do not do anything without thinking about it beforehand. Scientists are currently working to ensure that each of us will soon be able to produce movies from the inside of our minds. Yes sir, the suits over at the University of Berkeley, California, have managed to discover a method to decode and recreate human perception – which might come in handy to reproduce dreams, fantasies, memories and other images from what is underneath that skull of yours.

While this is not the equivalent of mind reading (yet), the images will most probably end up in art galleries at first, since they tend to resemble works of Vincent Van Gogh. It would be interesting to see whether a guy thinks about sex every second seconds is really, really false or not.

The whole idea of this project is not to create the next Hollywood blockbuster, but rather, to be able to check out what the blind are thinking about (looking at in the mind’s eye), as well as “talk” to stroke victims, coma patients and people with neurodegenerative diseases.

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