Mommy Tummy 8.0 helps men feel like Arnie in Junior – while we covered the Mommy Tummy in passing last month, here are more details on the device that might just make moms-to-be purchase this for their beloved husbands so that they too, can sympathize with their wives as to how they feel whenever they’re carrying a baby. This high-tech simulator will be able to replicate many of the experiences of a full-term, 10-month gestation period – which are compressed into a timeframe of just two minutes, of course.

Placing the special jacket on, it will be connected to a water tank which fills the jacket with water in order to simulate the weight gain of the fetus. Heck, the realism level is increased by warming up the water, while a vibrator in the jacket will simulate the baby’s heartbeat. With different balloons strategically located throughout the jacket, with the ability to inflate, it will simulating the baby’s movement, including kicking around in the womb.

Heck, balloons located at the chest area will simulate breast development, and dads will certainly appreciate their wives a whole lot more – especially those who have gone through multiple pregnancies and delivered healthy babies.

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