Murata remote relies on bends and twists to operateMurata of Japan has come up with a new sensor device which relies on a highly transparent organic piezoelectric film to get things going. The film itself features a trio of characteristics, where the piezoelectric output constant can go up as high as 180 x 10-3Vm/N (g31 conversion). Apart from that, it has a light transmittance that is 98% or higher (according to the internal haze measurement), while not carrying any pyroelectricity, with a dielectric constant is 2.5. All of that is Greek to me (and I would suppose, to the most of you as well), where it can be applied in a range of devices that one would not have thought of possible before.

The Leaf Grip Remote Controller will rely on a couple of piezoelectric films, with one meant for detecting bends, while the other will detect twists. This new remote is able to be operated by bending and twisting a plate. Since it will feature photoelectric cells, it relies on dye that emits electrons when receiving light, so you need not worry about it not working at any time since there is no battery in there.

This device will see action at CEATEC in Japan 2011 that is happening early next month. Will we see this idea be implemented in everyday devices? Perhaps, but it might take a while before that happens.

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