MyMicrobes   an online social network with a twist
If you’re thinking “oh no, we already have the king of social networks, Facebook – why do we need one more?” Firstly, MyMicrobes works differently – very differently. In addition to storing details about your name and email address, MyMicrobes takes a bit more information from you. To be specific – the social network wants to know what kind of bacteria you have in your stomach.

After signing up for MyMicrobes, users will be shipped a package with information and a stool-sample kit. Users then have to send back the kit with a sample of their stool together with $2,100 to get it processed before they can be confirmed as members. On the site, users can meet people with the same gastrointestinal complaints so that users can share diet tips and other digestive stories with one another.

I guess this way, users won’t have to experience going to restaurants where only one party falls sick and the other one remains okay. However, MyMicrobes only has 120 people registered for the service, and not all of them have returned a sample yet – which is most likely due to the ridiculously high price tag. If you’re keen on checking out this strange social network, just head over to the MyMicrobes website.

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