Nikon Forestry ProIf you’ve ever wanted to measure the height of a tree without having to climb all the way to the top with a measuring tape – you’re in luck. The folks over at Nikon have introduced a new laser rangefinder called the Forestry Pro that lets you do just that. Using a three-point measurement system that calculates the height and angle from your eye level to the base of an object, and the height and angle from the base of the object all the way to the top from where you stand, it can accurately tell you how tall something is to one decimal point.

It can also be used to measure actual distances, horizontal distances, angle and vertical separation. It features internal and external LCD panels so you can check measurements no regardless of whether you’re looking through the viewfinder or not, it is waterproof (up to 1m for 10 mins), and a measurement range of 10-500 m/11-550 yd./33-999 ft. No word on a price or release date yet. Find out more.

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