Nissans car reads minds, helps you navigate roads safely Nissan has teamed up with the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland (EPFL) in order to develop a new kind of mind-reading vehicle technology, which in due time, might even usher in hands-free driving. Who would have thought (pardon the pun) that you could actually direct your car using nothing but your mind in the future? I’m a bit wary of that though, since most of the times we drive without using our minds as everything is so mechanical already, so to have a blank mind or one that is concentrating on something else might not make your car go anywhere.

As concentration levels that are required to control thought-reading systems is extremely high, EPFL and Nissan intends to take a different route by relying on a device which uses statistical analysis instead to predict your next move behind the wheel. It does so by monitoring brain activity, eye movement, and the surrounding environment so that it knows ahead of time whether you are about to overtake that car or not.

Hopefully there is a manual override the moment you start using the steering wheel with your hands – otherwise you might want to double up on that insurance premium before you head out on one of these new-fangled vehicles.

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