The Internet is a strange place – it seems as though you can get just about anything online these days, and while we have heard of hiring a private investigator online, how about someone to do the dirty job for you when you feel/think that your current relationship has nowhere else to go? Yes sir, it seems that there are at least 40 of such “break up” agents who have advertised their services on Taobao, which is the Chinese equivalent of eBay.

Imagine an ad that reads, “Get rid of a difficult partner!”, while another is slightly more humorous with “Keep damage to a minimum.” – presumably emotional damage as well as damage to your pocket since investing in fine dining restaurants and bouquets of flowers aren’t exactly the cheapest things in the world.

The service itself is pretty reasonable, costing around 300 yuan, which is roughly equal to $47 thereabouts. I would suppose this agent will need to hear your case out properly in order to assess the best route to take – ranging from a soft let-down over the phone, or sending an email on purpose in order to drive a wedge between lovers. Of course, if you decide to pay more for the “platinum” service, an agent will actually be there in person – gift in tow maybe, to help soften the verbal blow.

I would think the man in question here would have had better luck with such services in order to avoid being called 65,000 times by the same person over the course of a year, don’t you think so?

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