Opel certainly knows how to make an impression at the 64th Frankfurt International Motor Show by debuting their all new battery-powered electric vehicle aptly dubbed as the One Euro. Now surely they do not mean that will be the price of the vehicle, but rather, it will be a sign of the solidarity displayed by members of the European Union. This particular concept vehicle will expand the horizons of electric mobility as well as propel Opel’s pioneering role in alternative propulsion systems. So far, we do know that the One Euro is capable of driving for 100 kilometers on just a single Euro, hitting a maximum speed of 120 km/h while tipping the scales at just 33% the weight of a modern small car.

This is definitely one of the newer classes of lightweight electric vehicles where zero-emissions urban mobility is concerned. It will only seat two people, so couples with kids might have to look for something larger. It is said that the production version is very near already, and even 16-year olds can drive this since the maximum speed will be limited to just 45 km/h.

If it can really achieve the one Euro per 100 km mark, then this is huge news – imagine the amount of savings you would benefit from, while oil barons pace around restlessly, wondering who is going to purchase the rest of their black gold. [Press Release]

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