If you happen to have enough money in your bank account to actually own and maintain a Pagani Huayra, then surely you are one of the elite few in the world whose vehicle’s ignition key is actually a miniature version of itself. Yes sir, the Pagani Huayra sports a small, aluminum version of the, wait for it, Pagani Huayra, making it one of the coolest novelty keys we’ve seen to date, especially when slotting it into the slot will allow a beast of a machine to red-line and impress the heck out of everyone in the vicinity.

Using the same kind of aluminum that is found on the Huayra’s wheels, this unique key will be able to split into two halves, where one of them will see action in the ignition while the other sports USB flash drive capability that allows you to stash away your favorite tracks to keep your adrenaline pumped up while you put the pedal to the metal.

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