Panasonic, one of the backers of a new active 3D shutter glasses standard, has a trio of eyewear which look rather fashionable, where it is also touted to be the lightest in the world by weighing a mere 26 grams. The new models are said to deliver increased comfort for long-time viewing without making your eyes tired, while offering brighter 3D images to boot. The internal battery takes just a couple of minutes to juice up, making it a whole lot easier than ever before to wear over the bridge of your nose.

Panasonic managed to send the idea of 3D eyewear to the fathouse, resulting in a slimmer and more svelte form factor with a LCD lens thickness that has been reduced, cutting out 30% thereabouts off the total weight when you pit it against its predecessors. Apart from that, it will also raise light transmissivity of the shutters by 10% over their previous model, while temple portions have been widened in order to prevent additional lights from entering at the sides – resulting in bright, crisp 3D viewing.

As mentioned earlier, the two minutes of charging can deliver up to 3 hours of use over VIERA TV’s USB terminal. When you juice it up for half an hour, that translates to a whopping 25 hours of use. Want to switch to 2D? No problem, just flip the switch and the magic is done, delivering only a single eye’s image.

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