When it comes to robots, the kind of technology which involves such marvels are just astounding, and when you take into account how our human bodies work, that is an even bigger miracle. Well, robots have fascinated mankind for quite some time already, and this time around we have some sort of thrill seeker robot known as Paraswift, as it is capable of scurrying up walls by generating a suction, and at a certain height, it will be able to get down safely without having you ring the fire station – by seemingly commiting roboticide as it jumps off, only to deploy a small parachute so that a soft landing is assured. I would not want to be standing on its landing spot though, and end up as a squished human.

Paraswift is actually the brainchild between Disney Research and the Swiss Federal Research Institute, and I am still scratching my head as to the entire point of the Paraswift. Perhaps after watching the video in the extended post, you might be able to think of some practical aspects to apply to the Paraswift.

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