Rovio wants to enter retail space with Angry BirdsRovio is certainly attempting to milk the goose that lays the golden egg, so to speak, to the maximum by exploring opportunities in retail space. Rumor has it that the Finnish mobile gaming studio will be work hand in hand with global coffee chain Starbucks in order to introduce promotions, virtual good sales and electronic leaderboards that will highlight customers’ top scores. It would be interesting to see local and regional Angry Birds championships, but surely the skill level involved would not be able to come close to professional gamers like Thresh and SlayerS_BoxeR.

I am afraid that Rovio might eventually end up as a victim of their own success – will anything that isn’t related to Angry Birds after that be able to make a splash? It might just end up as Motorola being a victim of their Razr phones – Razr fatigue, as some call it. Hopefully the same won’t be apply to Rovio – but right now, they’re going to ride the wave all the way until it dies down, if ever. Do you think Angry Birds in retail space will be a bigger hit than that of the electronic space?

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