Rumor: Apple to discontinue iPod shuffle and iPod classic?

Let’s face the facts – sentimentalism isn’t going to keep a company moving forwards all the time, especially when you deal with a field that is fast moving like technology. Apple is whispered to pencil in obituaries for two of their faithful servants – the screen-less iPod shuffle as well as the portable media player that kickstarted it all – the iPod classic.

The iPod classic has been around for a decade already, can you believe that? As for the extremely small iPod shuffle, it too, is tipped to be on the receiving end of the ax as Apple sees multi-touch technology being a staple feature in its future devices.

According to TUAW, their source claims that both mentioned devices will not make it past this year, as the hard drive-based iPod classic is outdated with flash memory being on the rise, while the iPod shuffle is just way too low tech to be an Apple ambassador any more. Will you miss either one of them when they’re gone if this rumor proves to be true?

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