Samsung goes after Apple in FranceAll this while it has been Apple who has been going after Samsung. They chased Samsung from the US, to Australia, Europe and then Japan, but now it looks like Samsung has decided to strike first with their own lawsuit in France.

In the previous lawsuits, Apple’s case against Samsung has largely been about patent infringement in terms of design, and how Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet and their Galaxy S smartphones resembled the iPad and iPhone, or so they claim. Instead of focusing on the design aspect, Samsung has gone a different route by claiming that Apple’s iPads and iPhones have infringed upon the technology used inside the devices.

Unfortunately at the moment not much is known regarding the details of the lawsuit, or what specifically is Samsung referring to, although some are speculating that it probably has something to do with UMTS radio technology which is used in 3G data networks.

Meanwhile in China, Apple has been busy registering patents, and recently have been awarded with 40 new design patents that cover pretty much all of Apple’s products. With the lawsuit pending in France, could the patent wars between Apple and Samsung spill over to China next?

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