Windows get smarter with injection of new technologyWindows that are capable of dimming themselves accordingly, depending on the amount of sunlight outside, has been around for some time already, ranging from the manually-adjustable SPD-Smart motorcoach windows to the Smart Energy Glass product which is capable of turning all that sunlight into electricity – but Korea’s Soongsil University and Korea Electronics Technology Institute think that such implementations are nothing short of expensive, and are expensive to maintain in addition to the use of toxic substances when being manufactured.

According to the team, they have managed to develop their very own system that boasts all the strengths of the mentioned predecessors, sans any of the drawbacks. Scientists Ho Sun Lim, Jeong Ho Cho, Jooyong Kim and Chang Hwan Lee relied on a polyelectrolyte copolymer, where ions that react with counterions (ions that have a charge opposite to that of other given ions so that electrical neutrality is achieved), to have them work with solvents like methanol in order to achieve a dimmable glass which was cheap to produce and less toxic to manufacture.

It is also touted to change its tint rather quickly, taking mere seconds from being opaque to almost completely clear. No idea on whether this will be implemented across a wide scale soon or not, but we will just have to wait and see.

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