OK, when we mention about a revealing pair of jeans, what is the first thing that comes across your mind? Most people might think that those jeans have been cut so short that it looks more like hot pants made out of denim, but we’re not here to place our minds in the gutter. No sir, revealing jeans in this case would be “smart” jeans that are capable of tweeting your location wherever you go – whether you know it or not, no thanks to a small radio-frequency identification device (RFID) embedded inside.

This is one methoed that physical objects are able to “make the jump”, so to speak, to the online world, so anything with the right kind of hardware like your baseball cap or even pet dog can be connected to the Internet eventually.

If this starts to catch on in a big way, expect questions such as privacy issues to start arising, as the lines between what is public and private becomes blurred. I would say it is better to have some sort of disclosure being made known first of a particular product to consumers so that they can make a more educated purchase decision before getting their locations disclosed without knowing any better.

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