Sprint keeping unlimited data plan for the iPhone 5? (Rumor)At the moment two carriers in the US are sporting the iPhone 4 – AT&T and Verizon. The iPhone 5 is rumored to be launched across all the major carriers, which means that if this true, subscribers on T-Mobile and Sprint will finally be able to enjoy the iPhone 5 on contract that AT&T and Verizon users have been enjoying all this while. Even better news for Sprint users as it seems that Sprint will be retaining their unlimited data plan even after the iPhone 5 arrives.

This does not confirm the existence or imminent launch of the iPhone 5 as this was not confirmed by Sprint themselves, just by people who supposedly were familiar with the matter. However with carriers such as Verizon who cancelled their unlimited data plan, if the iPhone 5 were to arrive on Sprint and if the unlimited data plan were to remain, the possibility of subscribers on other competing networks jumping ship to Sprint’s network is very likely. Could this be one of the plans Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse had up his sleeve to protect themselves against AT&T and T-Mobile’s merger?

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