Sprint to get their own iPad? (Rumor)Sprint users you may be in for some good news! According to a report that just surfaced, it looks like a Sprint-specific iPad 2 may be headed your way, assuming of course you buy into the rumors. 

A few days back we reported that Sprint was apparently training their employees for a possible iPhone 4 launch, and it was also suggested at that time that Sprint was preparing their own iPad, and it looks like that rumor is starting to gain a bit of traction.

The current report is suggesting that Apple and Sprint have completed a version of the iPad 2 that will be able to run on Sprint’s network, and apparently the tablet will be ready for sale in time for the holidays, although no specific date was mentioned. The report also suggests that the iPad will be either launched alongside the rumored iPhone 5 or will be launched shortly after the iPhone 5.

Given how Sprint is currently operating a 4G WiMax network, it will be interesting to see if the iPad will be compatible with the WiMax connection, although if the report is to believed and how Apple and Sprint have supposedly worked together on the iPad, a 4G WiMax capable iPad will definitely be interesting.

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