Star Trek: The Next Generation coming in Blu ray packageYou can bet your bottom dollar that wherever money’s to be made, someone or an organization will surely go for the jugular – and perhaps casting an eye on the phenomenal success of Star Wars: The Complete Saga that comes in a Blu-ray package, Star Trek fans might hope to bring their franchise to a similar record breaking feat upon hearing that the franchise’s 25th anniversary will be celebrated in the form of the entire series coming in Blu-ray format next year.

That would mean all 178 episodes remastered in 1080p HD, letting your imagination run wild in the 24th century from the year 2364 to 2370. I must say, 178 episodes would have racked up plenty of film, so imagine all the work involved to go through 25,000 film reels of original footage alongside re-editing them in their original form. Your eyes won’t be the only beneficiary though, as this Blu-ray release will also feature 7.1 DTS Master Audio.

CBS won’t release all the episodes at once though – but rather, it will roll out one by one as the year progresses. Expect the first Blu-ray disc to arrive from January 31st onwards, where said disc will also carry a sampler of popular episodes in addition to the feature-length version of the pilot episode.

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