T Mobile confirms they will not be getting the iPhoneAbout a week ago we reported that T-Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer, Cole Brodman, allegedly mentioned during a town hall meeting with T-Mobile’s staff that the carrier would not be getting the iPhone. Considering how the rumors are suggesting that the next-generation iPhone would be a “world phone” (capable of working on GSM and CDMA networks), it was naturally assumed that T-Mobile and Sprint would be getting their hands on the device as well.

If for some reason you thought that maybe T-Mobile’s CMO was being coy and not wanting to spill the beans, just yesterday during a technology conference, he reiterated that T-Mobile will not be getting the iPhone. He was quoted as saying, “They know we want the phone [...] we’ll wait for that call.” 

Interestingly Sprint was also at the same conference, but instead of flat out denying rumors of them getting the iPhone, Sprint’s CTO, Stephen Bye, was quoted as saying “I’m in no position to comment on that,” which some are taking to be an acknowledgement of sorts. We’re sure that there are many T-Mobile subscribers out there, who despite the news, are still crossing their fingers and hoping otherwise. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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