T Mobiles Samsung Galaxy S2 not sporting Exynos processor?Looking to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S2 from T-Mobile? If you are, it seems that T-Mobile’s version of the Galaxy S2 will not be featuring the Samsung Exynos processor unlike its siblings on the other carriers, such as AT&T and Sprint. So what will T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S2 be sporting under the hood?

Unfortunately no one really knows at the moment, save for Samsung and T-Mobile themselves. There aren’t many candidates and some are speculating it’s a toss up between NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 dual-core processor or Qualcomm’s Snapdragon APQ8060, the same chipset that was used on the HP TouchPad.

According to Stormy Beach of AndroidSpin, the reason why T-Mobile may have opted to use a different processor is because of the possibility that the Samsung Exynos processor did not play nice with T-Mobile’s 4G network, and T-Mobile wants a processor that will be able to fully utilize their network’s 42Mbps connection. It seems that the Exynos tops out at 21Mbps while the Qualcomm chipset rides comfortably at 42Mbps.

This is just speculation for now as it could go either way, although many are thinking that Qualcomm is the obvious choice. Will the brand/type of processor make or break your decision to get T-Mobile’s Galaxy S2, or are you more concerned with enjoying faster connectivity?

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