Just when you thought that things could not heat up further where the world of social networks are concerned, along comes UmeNow that wants to annihilate Facebook’s lead in the market (which is an extremely tall order, and some say impossible, I might add) while dismissing Google+ as being inconsequential to the big picture. It seems that this new service is proud to be known as “the first and only ad-free social communication service in the world that is totally focused on privacy.”

A social network that focuses on privacy? Sounds like an oxymoron from certain angles, but that is the Holy Grail that UmeNow intends to deliver. Founded by a former single mom who has been nothing but vocal about online privacy, Castillo-Bach stated that “We will kill off the Facebook data eating monster.” She has also kicked off UmeNow’s marketing campaign with a “Facebook is Trash, National Privacy Celebration” slogan.

Check out the video that represents this anti-Facebook stance in the extended post. Right now, UmeNow will cost you $6 each month (a 1-month free trial is available upon signing up) that delivers no ads, no tracking and data mining, the guarantee of your personal information remaining personal without being traded to the highest bidder, a ban on third party apps and an open door for anonymous postings.

I wonder how many developers would flock to UmeNow if it remains so closed and suspicious of strangers. Would you pay to join a social network?

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