One of the best ways to win a war is to control the flow of information of the enemy – even better if they don’t know that you are eavesdropping on your their “conversations”. Well, apart from that, making sure your enemies’ electronic systems are also knocked out of commission would go a long way to achieving victory. The US Air Force might soon be able to deliver a knockout blow early on in the war – using a new microwave missile that is harmless to humans, but deadly to electronics.

Its disabling power relies on high-power microwaves that can burn out the electronics of even the most sophisticated air defenses, command and control centers, fighter jets and drones. This $38 million program that is 3 years in running could deploy up to five prototype missiles, where a fully functional missile is able to take out multiple targets thanks to multiple shots achieved by using high-power microwaves.

Heck, it might turn the tide faster as well by knocking out swarms of enemy drones or manned aircraft even when they’re on the ground – which is much better than when they’re airborne. US’ enemies would love to develop technology like this for sure.

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