Verizon to introduce new unlimited prepaid plan this weekAccording to a report from the WSJ – Verizon is set to take on the prepaid market with the introduction of a new plan sometime this week. As an alternative for consumers who don’t want to be tied down to a contract, the new prepaid plans are touted to be a competitive alternative to what’s being offered by other carriers. Well, how does $50/month for unlimited talk, text and web use sound to you?
 While you won’t be able to enjoy a wide choice of subsidized phones without tying yourself down to a contract, Verizon’s new prepaid plans could be great for folks who already have the phones but don’t want to spend so much on a postpaid plan (new subscribers are limited to getting feature phones with the prepaid line). While it’s not as cheap as unlimited prepaid plans from other companies, Verizon’s reasoning is that it doesn’t want to cannibalize its own postpaid subscribers.

Unless Verizon offered unlimited data (not just web) for prepaid lines, I doubt that most subscribers would even bat an eyelid over this news, though I could be wrong. What do you think?

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