Verizon Wireless throttles heavy mobile data usersModeration seems to be the keyword that Verizon Wireless wants to introduce to their mobile data users – and they will be doing so by throttling some of its heaviest mobile data users so that the carrier can maintain its network QoS for the rest of its subscribers. Since Verizon mentioned that this move will not affect up to 95% of their data customers, so that means only one thing – there will be around 5% of Verizon’s mobile data plan subscribers who obviously fall under the unlimited data plan, but this select group tend to remain (far more) connected than the rest.

When you experience managed data speeds, that means you have been throttled – essentially, Verizon has pulled the brakes on your free-wheeling online experience, most probably through too much movie and video streaming rather than ordinary surfing. Of course, the reduced data speeds will only kick in when necessary in order to optimize data network traffic in that area, so it is not permanent until the next billing cycle starts. Sounds fair to me – how about you?

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