We first took a look at the Vizio VTAB1008 in early July, and we are glad to announce that Vizio has just announced a new firmware update for the mentioned tablet that is said to deliver a far more nimble operation of the user interface, which includes faster scrolling as well as menu navigation. For Android phone users, you would most probably realize by now that when you have more and more apps loaded from the Android Market, scrolling through page after page of apps tend to have some lag in between, a sore thumb that iOS users still point out to Android users.

Not only that, this firmware update will also boast improved graphics performance, a better battery life and an expanded set of devices which can be controlled using nothing but the VIZIO Universal Remote Control App.

In fact, it is said that with the VIZIO Universal Remote Control App, your Vizio tablet is able to control up to 95% of all consumer electronics devices in North America. Gamers will be able to enjoy this update since it is touted to deliver an improved gaming performance with better graphics and a faster rendering of content. So far I have yet to read about any gimped VTAB1008’s after installing this update – which means everything should run just fine. Just make sure you have made a backup of all your relevant information before giving it a go.

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