Vodafone Australia teases iPhone 5?It is without doubt that the iPhone 5 is one of the most rumored, talked about, hyped up and highly anticipated handset to be coming out this year. This is natural given Apple’s trademark secrecy, allowing for little to no leaks at all, which leaves everyone in the tech world speculating to no end about what the device could be about.

This is why when Vodafone Australia released the teaser image above, little was left to the imagination as to what smartphone could they be possibly talking about. Granted it could be just about any device, but whether you’re an Apple fan or anti-Apple, you’ll have to admit that no phone this year has caused quite the stir among fans and detractors alike other than the Apple’s next-generation iPhone. Either way, if you’re living in Australia and you’d like to sign up to be notified when “this year’s biggest smartphone” is released, head on down to Vodafone Australia’s website.

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