Volvo has been known for putting out cars that are sturdy and reliable, with the emphasis being put in the safety of the car’s occupants. Granted they’re probably not as flashy and eye catching in terms of design compared to other cars in its class, but perhaps the Volvo Concept You will change your mind.

At the moment it still remains a concept but for those who are eagerly anticipating Volvo’s next flagship car model, the concept is a good indication as to what sort of features and design will be incorporated into the new model, at least that’s what Volvo’s President and CEO, Stefan Jacoby, wants you to believe. In fact the concept you are looking at right now could very well be replacing the Volvo S80 in the not-so-distant future.

Some of the features introduced in the concept include a digital display behind the steering wheel that displays basic driving information, including speed and a map of your trajectory. A touch interface on the center console includes an IR sensor that requires hand or eye movements in order to call up the infotainment control mode. Through the console you can apparently surf the web, swipe through radio stations, control air conditioning and a lot more. All of which will be achieved through the use of gestures which can be customized.

The concept isn’t exactly out of this world, with some features already available, so it’s only a matter of Volvo implementing them into their next car. Should this concept be made a reality, any takers out there?

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