Windows 8 tablet shown off on video
Microsoft has recently given the public have a taste of what it’s like to use a Windows 8 tablet, and judging by reports online, it looks like the company is headed in the right direction. The folks over at Gizmodo got their hands on a Samsung Windows 8 tablet and managed to record some video footage showing off what it’s like to use the tablet and how it works.

The side screen gestures, the smooth, buttery UI, even the “classic” Windows UI is present in the video demonstration, and although we’ve seen most of it before – it doesn’t look any less impressive. But this time we get a detailed and close up look of everything that’s going on. If this is what the operating system is like during the developer preview stage, we can’t wait to see how polished the final version of Windows 8 will be (sure there were hiccups according to the report, but it’s likely due to old hardware/and the fact that it’s a developer’s preview).

If you want to check it out for yourself, just head over to the source link for the full video and report about the Windows 8 tablet. Let us know what you think: are you looking forward to Windows 8?

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