It is confirmed: Xbox LIVE will be arriving on the PC platform, thanks to Xbox LIVE on Windows 8. Basically, this means Xbox LIVE will deliver your games, music, movies, and TV shows over to a slew of Microsoft Windows-powered devices., and not only on the desktop computer only. Microsoft claims that delivering Xbox LIVE to Windows 8 is just part of their vision so that you will be able to keep yourself entertained at all times, including sharing it with those around you in a jiffy.

The Microsoft BUILD conference did demonstrate to the attendees that it was pretty easy to create games for Windows 8 which will be able to harness the power of Xbox LIVE. What you see above is a screenshot which depicts Xbox LIVE on Windows 8 – are you stoked yet? All I can say is, patience will reap its due rewards, so hang tough until Windows 8 arrives at store shelves.

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