In terms of enterprise use, iOS and Blackberry seems to be favored, and curious why, 3LM approached CIOs and asked them why they did not choose Android as their preferred enterprise platform. Their answer was that there were several core features missing along with security concerns that held them back from going with Android. This prompted 3LM to launch their own security platform for Android which is expected to be made available this week.

Unlike other security platforms, 3LM’s platform aims to secure not just several apps, all the apps that run on the phone itself. In order to achieve this, 3LM had to go about convincing handset manufacturers to install a piece of software in their phones that would allow 3LM’s platform to work. According to their website, the handset manufacturers already onboard with their software include some of the big names in the Android scene, such as Sony Ericsson, HTC, Motorola (who acquired 3LM), Sharp and Pantech.

3LM allows for black/white lists, remote data wipe, and even allows IT managers to install apps remotely and disable certain apps (no more playing Angry Birds during work?). The technology even allows for VPN access so that users will be able to access internal resources while on the go and the IT department will be able to monitor the status of the phone as well. The company has yet to publish its price list, but for more information you can head on down to 3LM’s website.

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