Driving a hybrid/electric vehicle isn’t the same as driving a regular fuel-powered vehicle. The point of hybrids and EVs is to minimize the use of fuel, which is not only greener but could potentially be more efficient in terms of mileage, although the latter seems to apply more to hybrids than EVs which have a set range before needing to charge.


Either way, with hybrids and EVs possibly being the choice of vehicles in the future, the AA DriveTech Academy in the UK has launched a training course aimed at hybrid and EV drivers.

The training course is more of a workshop and supposedly will only last about three and a half hours, and covers the differences between conventional fuel/diesel vehicles and hybrid/electric vehicles. It will also teach drivers techniques on how to maximize economy, refuel, recharge and plan their journeys.

Given how EVs have been painted in a negative light due to their short range and long charge times, perhaps this course will address some of those issues. Would a course like this convince you to adopt a hybrid or EV as your next car purchase?

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