Amazon might pick up Palms piecesPalm hasn’t exactly been doing well at all in recent years despite being snapped up by HP some time ago, and this has even led to the TouchPad tablet that runs on webOS which was killed shortly after it was released. Many companies now view Palm as though they are some sort of leprous company, but is there a savior out there? Apparently, the name Amazon has been bandied about as it seems the online retailing giant is in talks to pick up Palm from HP – at least according to VentureBeat.

HP is looking to shed Palm off their portfolio as soon as possible, and Amazon is in pole position to pick up the ailing offshoot amongst others (at least this confirms there are other interested parties…)

Do you think that Amazon’s further foray into the tablet market such as the Kindle Fire might be the reason why Amazon is interested in Palm and its webOS software? After all, former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein who is currently in a rather blurry “product innovation” role at HP’s Personal Services Group, is wearing an Amazon hat already after joining their board late last year.

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