Predictive Analytics Summit Amsterdam 2011
There have been several instances over the years of business leaders with ‘the spark’. These are the leaders who seem to have a crystal ball, who can tread a path and make consumers follow. People like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Larry Ellison have started companies from nothing and built organizations worth billions. However, what happens to the other leaders? The ones who don’t have this unique intuition, how can they forecast their company’s future? Predictive analytics is looking to bridge this gap and the Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit in Amsterdam on November 22 & 23 2011 is looking to explore the industry. See more information about the summit here.

The Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit will be examining the ways in which the rapidly expanding predictive analytics field has revolutionized the way business leaders create strategies. The industry is predicted to be worth $200bn by 2015 and is now a main division of eminent companies. The event is looking to show examples of how this has been successfully adopted by companies and how they had to overcome both logistical and institutional problems to adopt it.

Speakers are presenting on behalf of Nokia, Ernst & Young and RBS, as well as many others, to share their insights and case studies from the field. This will create a unique sharing platform for predictive analytics professionals to discuss the internal and external factors that have seen a sudden growth in the industry. This event is a must attend for anybody interested in adopting predictive analytics, after all who wouldn’t want to be involved in the new buzz industry?

To find out more contact Rose at rpalmer@theiegroup.coom

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