I’m not sure whether to call the Angry Birds franchise a cash cow or a golden goose – I think that the latter would fit the description far better. Well, there is a new board game from Mattel that has arrived in time for the winter holiday shopping season – where it is aptly known as the Angry Birds On Thin Ice Board Game.

As with all other Angry Birds games regardless of whether they are digital or in real life, the concept remains the same – where you are suppose to fling your collection of upset, nay, fuming mad feathered friends in the direction of carefully built-up structures to knock them down in order to kill some green pigs and collect points in the process.

Wooden girders and breakable ice blocks are the new feature in this Thin Ice version of the board game, while a TNT box adds an additional explosive touch to the game should your Angry Bird be accurate enough to land on it. This time around, only 2 Angry Birds are included – the big red bird and yellow bird, while a trio of porkers with 2 of them wearing construction hats are at the birds’ mercy. Angry Birds on Thin Ice Board Game can be pre-ordered at Toy Wiz for $19.99 a pop.

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