Anonymous shot down NYSE Site for a couple of minutesHacktivist group Anonymous has managed to bring down the New York Stock Exchange’s site for a couple of minutes today, using a DDoS attack in order to carry out their plan – albeit a rather brief one, I might add. This was done to show a sense of solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protestors. Of course, the 120 seconds or so which affected the NYSE site did not affect trading as well (perhaps the folks over at Anonymous too have some shares that they wanted to trade), so there is nothing to worry about – heck, I believe most folks would not even have realized this short blip.

Nice to know that Anonymous were gentlemanly enough to put up a warning earlier this month on YouTube that an attack would take place sometime later, which probably provided enough time to the NYSE team in order to boost up their digital defenses against any incoming attacks. Most of the Anonymous members did not agree to the attacks as they figured out it would generate far more bad press for the Occupy Wall Street movement than good.

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