Apple patent increases device repairability scoreThere is just something about Apple’s devices that they seemingly do on purpose to make it nigh impossible for the layman to fix or repair. Any teardown of the iPhone will tell you enough, where special proprietary tools are more often than not required to be used, and hopefully with this latest patent granted to the fruity company, future devices that run on the iOS platform will be a whole lot easier to repair.

Basically, this patent involves different kinds of rear cases which can be slid, hinged or tilted in order to reveal whatever is located underneath. Screws, latches, hooks or a combination of the three will make sure the case remains in place, even when it goes through some rather rough and tumble moments. Don’t you think it to be rather ironic that while Apple devices are supposedly easier to use, they’re a pain to open up, hardware-wise? While Android-powered devices are a snap to dismantle, although it is not as user friendly to the newbie as the iOS is. Image courtesy of

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