Apple patent reveals old (and possibly scrapped) plans for an iPhone nanoThe concept of an iPhone nano was rumored ever since the day the iPhone came out, although guessing by recent trends of smartphones sporting humongous displays, it could explain why those rumors of an iPhone nano eventually fizzled out. If you thought that those rumors of an iPhone nano was baseless and just ridiculous, a recently published Apple patent discovered by Patently Apple reveals that the Cupertino company had at one point (or are still) considered an iPhone nano.

The phone above could be considered to be designed along the lines of Apple’s earlier iPod nano models, and it was filed back in 2006 which suggested that Apple’s engineers had toyed about with the idea of creating such a device. As you can tell, candybar shaped phones were still popular back then along with physical buttons, which means that unless Apple plans to resurrect this project with a modern twist, what we are looking at above is something that could have been.

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