C Spire Wireless to get iPhone 4SNow isn’t this interesting – there will be another carrier that will be offering the iPhone 4S just in case you are interested in picking one up, but this one will not be headed towards the last of the Big 4 mobile carriers who have yet to offer the iPhone 4S. Yes sir, T-Mobile still lacks the iPhone 4S, whereas regional carrier C Spire Wireless will be on the receiving end. Just in case you’re wondering where this rather obscure sounding carrier comes from, well, they used to be known as Cellular South – does that ring a bell now?

The iPhone 4S will launch over at C Spire Wireless in a few weeks’ time, and if you’re interested to register your interest, head on here. Folks living in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, George or Florida ought to be the only ones interested, considering C Spire Wireless runs on CDMA just like Verizon Wireless and Sprint, and with a mere 875,000 subscribers, I am wondering how fast their network will be in terms of data speeds.

How much longer do you think it will take before T-Mobile will be able to offer the iPhone 4S? Surely many emails have been fired at T-Mobile’s way, referencing such a question.

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