Canon goes one up on Nikon with 70 million lenses producedNikon might have sold 65 million Nikkor lenses to date since 1959, but its bitter rival in the digital imaging category, Canon, might have just hit back with their most recent announcement of hitting the 50 million milestone with their EOS Series of SLR cameras, not to mention having produced 70 million EF lenses to date – although the latter will only happen at the end of this month.

Now, to produce so many lenses does not necessarily mean that each of them are sold, since there has to be some sitting around at your local camera stores. Even so, let us say that out of the 70 million, 20% remain around as stock, making that around 54 million lenses sold – I just pulled that figure out of the air, so don’t quote me on it. 54 million is still a sizeable amount when it comes to sales no matter how you look at it, considering how EF lenses began production in 1987, giving Nikon nearly a three decade headstart.

Here is to the next 70 million, Canon! I guess figures don’t really matter that much at the end of the day as it depends on which camera you are comfortable with when doing your photo shoots. [Press Release]

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