When you talk about wireless devices, most of the time we think about smartphones, tablets, remote controls, computer mice and keyboards as well as printers amongst others. Very rarely would we have thought about something from the medical world, but here we are today with the Compex Wireless muscle stimulator that is now available to the masses.

Being a brand of DJO Global, this system was recently utilized by Mark Cavendish’s HTC-Highroad cycling team in the 2011 Tour de France when it comes to muscle training and pain control.Basically, the set will comprise of two pairs of stimulation modules, where the wireless controller that comes with a color screen will guide the user in placing electrodes in the right place, while teaching you just how to sets different settings and treatment programs.

Amongst the features include the ability to create your own fitness objectives and manage your activity planning all from an online page, and for the clueless, there are over 50 programmes to choose from online where at least one of them is guaranteed to suit you. It ain’t gonna come cheap though, as the Compex Wireless will set you back by a cool €1,250. [Press Release]

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