Corning announces new Lotus GlassThe makers of the infamous Gorilla Glass, Corning, has a new material they would like to introduce that they’re calling the Corning Lotus Glass, which sounds a lot less fierce and seems to bring about feelings of zen and tranquility.

According to Corning, the Lotus Glass was designed for LCD and OLED displays in mind, and this new material claims to deliver pristine pictured quality while at the same time without draining too much power. Given the nature and usage of our devices that use LCD and OLED displays, the longer our battery lasts, the happier we are.

This new piece of glass was announced at the FPD International industry trade show held in Pacifico Yokohama, Japan. According to Corning, this is achieved largely due to the Lotus Glass’ thermal and dimensional stability, which they claim allows for higher resolution and faster response times. Additionally these thermal properties also allow the Lotus Glass to maintain its shape and surface quality, during especially hot processing, thereby avoiding sagging and warping effects.

The Lotus Glass has already been put into production, but at the moment there is no word on what commercial products we will be able to see in on.

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