Crossbow Snow Launcher makes life easierSnowball fights can be fun – but do you have a strong throwing arm to make sure you can last the distance? Good thing there is this thing known as gadgets that will help you out the next time your neighbor’s kids challenge you to a snowball fight. Gain an unfair advantage with the $39.99 Crossbow Snow Launcher, where the name of the device itself says it all – you are able to shoot snowballs farther than you ever imagined, never mind that you’re the shot putt world champion. Capable of shooting snowballs up to 60 feet away, you will still be fresh and raring to go after everyone else in the enemy camp is spent.

In order to prime the device, just place a snowball in the front, pull back the lever until you see it lock in place, and you’re well placed to take aim and fire. There is also a snowball press which will churn out three perfectly sized snowballs simultaneously, making sure you won’t run out of ammunition at all, while other people frantically pack new snowballs with their hands.

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